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  • Where do I get the app?
    It's available in the iTunes App Store. Download the Scoreboard App from the iTunes Store by clicking here. It's free to install; free to use
  • What's the latest version?
    Version 15.8 is the latest version and was released on November 8, 2020. You can go to the About Screen to see what version is installed.
  • How does it work?
    Schedule and score information is stored in your iPhone/iPad. When the app is running and you have an internet connection the app checks the official database every 60 seconds and downloads any changes. You can change how often updates are checked for by going to the Settings Screen and change the "Sync Rate".
  • Can I use the Scoreboard App if I don't have a connection?
    Yes! The most recent schedule/score data is stored in your iPhone/iPad---over 25,000 matches.

    The next time you're running the app and are connected it will automatically update the stored data.

  • Does it transfer lots of data?
    No. Data transfer requirements are kept to a minimum because most of the season's info is already stored in your iPhone. Periodic synchronizations of the official database and the copy in your iPhone only transfers updated information.

    Typical transfers of a full day's updated scores/schedules usually amounts to less than 10 kilobytes.

    That's many time smaller than a single photo you display on Facebook.

  • Why is it free?
    I figure more people will download it and use it if it's free. There are display ads on some screen which i hope will help support enhancements.
  • Can my company advertise on the Scoreboard App?
    Yes! Contact me at
  • What are planned features and enhancements?